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A day in the life of a Papertwin Wedding Assistant

You may know that I am a wedding assistant for a wedding videography company called ‘Papertwin’. The job comes with opportunities to visit amazing wedding venues. But this one has to be the best one yet.

About a week ago the whole Papertwin team travelled to Shropshire for a wedding fair at Iscoyd Park. I didn’t realise it was possible to be so in awe of a building until that weekend. From the moment we drove through the entrance, I was captivated.

It felt like we were entering a dreamland for the weekend; a grand building surrounded by idyllic countryside. Two days of being in utter luxury awaited me.

The building is so beautifully designed, bringing a contemporary tone to a something so stately and traditional. From beautiful flowers in almost every room, to carpets that feel amazing under foot. (The urge to lie down on them was ridiculous). But I tried to channel my inner Clarisse Renaldi from Princess Diaries and be the classiest I’ve ever been. I loved it.

Yep, that is my attempt at being classy… I think I need more practice!

The whole weekend was spent gazing and walking round with constant ‘heart eyes’, as Sophie put it. Imagining what it must be like to live in such a building.

It is absolute wedding goals. You can rent out the whole building for your guests to stay in as well. How amazing would that be!!

We had to remind ourselves quite regularly that we were there for a wedding fair, not just to explore the whole building.

It was a really successful fair, and we got to chat to so many lovely people, as well as meeting other suppliers there. Red Floral, who create the most spectacular floral centrepieces, particularly wowed me. Their work is incredible!

I also loved these cakes by Bloomsbury Cakes. I mean there’s a marble cake. Nuff said.

The workers at Iscoyd really looked after all their guests. There was even a fire show in the evening, and they offered marshmallows to roast over the fire pits dotted around the place.


A day at work doesn’t really get any better than that.

Lots of love,

Jenny xx

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