About Me

Hello! I’m Jenny, an 18-year-old dog loving, teapot-obsessed enthusiast of all things creative! I work part time for two AMAZING Liverpool based companies- design company, Always Lovely and wedding videographers, Papertwin Weddings. I’m so grateful that I can say I love going to work, and even more grateful for meeting the loveliest people along the way.

So why am I creating this blog?

After completing my A-Levels at sixth form earlier this year (HALLELUJAH), I moved onto college doing an art and design foundation diploma. This was a yearlong course, in which I thought I could explore and learn more about my favourite subject- art. However, six weeks in and I was bored. Bored of being asked what kind of artist I am. Bored of people trying to sell university to me. Bored of education and doing things for a mark scheme.

One evening, when I had a severe case of the ‘Sunday night blues’, my dad told me to ‘take control’. This stuck with me and from then I decided to do something very un-Jenny. I decided to leave college and do the things I love. This was scary. I always complete things, do as I’m told and follow the rules. But talking to my dad made me realise that there aren’t any rules anymore, so why am I doing something that isn’t making me happy? In fact, it was making me pretty miserable. I’m a big believer in doing what you love. I survived school, now it’s time for me to do exactly that. Cliché I know, but life is too bloody short to do anything but.

So TA-DA! I’m jumping on the blogging bandwagon to document how I’m spending this year, and what I’m learning and creating along the way. But if someone out there can find enjoyment through reading this, that would be incredible!!

I am not sure what the future holds, but I’m excited.