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Easter Treats

If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t need much of an excuse to do some baking! So with it being a week until Easter, I took it as the perfect opportunity to whip up some Easter treats!

When I think Easter treats, the first thing that springs to mind is mini eggs, so of course they took a starring role in my bakes. I also think Easter is a time for bright and pastel colours so I kept this in mind when choosing my decorations.

I started with the easiest. Easter Rocky Road. You could concoct pretty much anything for this, throw in any of your favourite Easter treats and I’m sure it’d be delicious! I just took the most basic rocky road recipe and replaced the raisins with mini eggs. It is SO yummy. You also don’t have to be too strict with the quantities as long as you have enough chocolate to coat it all in.


600g Chocolate

300g Broken Digestive Biscuits (I like a mix of small and lager chunks!)

300g Mini Eggs

180g Marshmallows

All you do is melt your chocolate and combine all your other ingredients together. Once the chocolate is melted, pour it over the bowl of goodness and stir it in, making sure everything is coated. Then spoon your mixture into a tray and put it in the fridge to cool.

Bish bash bosh, you’re done! (Top Tip: it makes life a lot easier if you cover the tray in tin foil before adding your mixture.) I also added extra Mini Eggs on top before putting it in the fridge.

Next I decided to make some Easter Cupcakes. I wanted to make a little nest on top, so I used grated chocolate and Mini Eggs. I am also obsessed with MaltEaster Bunnies so I thought they’d look super cute on top of the cake as well.

For the cakes, I always measure the eggs and do all the other ingredients the same. Both my Nana and Mum taught me to do this and it has never failed me. It gives a perfect light sponge. I used three eggs for 12 cupcakes.


For the cakes-

3 Eggs

175g Butter

175g Sugar

175g Self Raising Flour

1tsp Vanilla Essence/ Flavouring

For the buttercream-

100g Unsalted Butter

200g Icing sugar

1tsp Vanilla Essence/ Flavouring

A drop of milk (You only need a tiny bit!)

I always combine the butter and sugar first, then add the eggs and vanilla. Following this, I sift in the flour. Then you’re good to go! Just line your cupcake trays with cases and spoon in the mixture.

Pop them into a pre-heated oven at 180°c, and leave them to do their thing until the are golden brown and springy to touch. They usually take around 20 minutes.

Once they are done, leave them to cool and make your buttercream. Start my mixing your butter and icing sugar then add your vanilla essence. It needs a good whisk and if it’s looking clumpy, add a tiny drop of milk. It really doesn’t need much because it will become too runny to pipe on to the cupcakes. (I have had many buttercream disasters!)

Then you can get creative and decorate them however you wish! Or recreate mine, I  grated some chocolate with a potato peeler, then placed three Mini Eggs on top. I also got some colourful sprinkles and sat a bunny in buttercream, which worked well also.

I have made a little video so you can see exactly how I did it.


I had so much fun making these and I am super pleased with how they turned out!

Also how adorable is this ‘Hoppy Easter’ banner and matching cake topper and confetti from Always Lovely. All the other decorations are from good ol’ Home Bargains. I got way to excited down their Easter isle.

I guess all that is left to say is HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love,

Jenny xx 


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