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I can’t believe how crazy 2017 has been! It is mad to think that this time last year I had only just finished my A Levels, and just started working for Always Lovely and Papertwin Weddings. I would not have dreamt that I’d be where I am now in just a year’s time. As you may know, the plan was to complete a foundation course in Art & Design whilst working just one day a week.  However, after six weeks of doing the course, I decided to leave college. This has turned out to be the absolute best decision.

I then started my blog, bought a camera and spent time working on things I enjoy. This lead to me getting involved with more projects at work and learning a hell of a lot more than I felt I was learning at college. I spent a lot of time improving my photography and learning how to edit my photographs properly as well as learning how to edit videos. But ultimately, I was SO much happier.

Fast-forward six months, and I am currently working full time. But, not only am I a Design Assistant for Always Lovely and a Wedding Assistant for Papertwin, I am also an Editor and a Photographer for Yeti. Like WHHAAAAT?! As I typed that out then, I felt a sense of pride take over me. It’s an absolute dream that I am in this position before I am even 19. It just reconfirms that it is always right to stick with your gut instinct and do what is right for you. I often think to myself, imagine if I gave into the pressure of going to uni, or just stuck out my foundation course (which I very nearly did). My biggest advice to anyone is to put all you effort and determination into things you enjoy and you will always succeed.

Being full time, however, has resulted in a lack of posts on my blog. But now that I have got into the swing of things, I am going to get more organised and get going with it again, hopefully posting every Sunday.

Something that I have stuck with though, is filming a few seconds everyday. If you have been following me, you’ll know this was one of my New Year’s resolutions. I can’t believe that I have just finished my sixth month, and we are half way through the year already! I am so glad I have done this, it is such a lovely way to capture memories, and I already love looking back on them! I have a playlist on YouTube with them all in so click here if you fancy having a nose.

But for now, I will leave you with my June video.

I wish you all the best for July and I will be back next Sunday. Until then, adios amigos!

Lots of love,

Jenny xx


  1. Sue Pickard

    July 2, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Your words are so true, your a very wise young lady,have shown my daughter this, go with your gut instincts in life and follow your dreams be strong. Keep it up Jenny your an inspiration xx

    1. jenny

      July 3, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      Ah thank you so much Sue! That is so SO lovely to hear! xxxx

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