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Looking back at my A-Level Art

Last Thursday I was able to go back to sixth form and collect my A-level artwork from last year, and I have been reminiscing ever since!


Art was always my favourite subject, and I am so proud of what I achieved in it. I can’t believe how much my work improved during sixth form. My confidence and my ability improved massively. I feel I found a style that I liked and I stopped caring too much and comparing my work to others. I just went for it a bit more.


Seeing my work again has also reminded me how much I miss it. After not enjoying doing the art foundation course I feel I lost my motivation to paint/draw e.c.t. But its back! And I wanted to put it on here to make it official!!


The first project from last year was completely open; you could do pretty much anything. I decided to call mine ‘The Everyday’, with the aim of capturing the passing illusions of urban life.


After doing some artist research the first step for me was always photography.


Having my own photographs really helped me make the project my own, this was the most exciting stage for me. I loved getting home and looking through my photographs feeling really inspired and excited to work from them.


It is actually really interesting being reunited with pieces of work that I spent so many hours on and some that I actually ended up hating at the time. This piece in particular was my least favourite of the whole project, but seeing it eight months later with fresh eyes has made me feel quite proud of it. A whole painting in watercolour was something I never chose to do, so it was out of my comfort zone and I’m not gonna lie I really did not enjoy it! But I am so glad I persevered with it…. It just took me bloody ages!

We also had to do a written piece with this project, which was an absolute pain. I hated it. But I knew it was important and I feel I did learn through doing it. I just remember feeling so relived and so happy when I finished it.

I’m still just as happy with this project as I was at the time, which, to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting when I went back to get it.

The second project was our exam. we received an exam paper with several different starting points to choose from. I went with ‘movement’ so I could incorporate my love of dance into my work.


Again, I started off with photography, which my friend, Emma, very kindly modelled for me. She was amazing!! And I was SO unbelievably happy and surprised that they actually turned out how I imagined.

The artist that really inspired me in the project was Simon Birch. I did a lot of research on him, which lead me to try oil paints for the first time.

This project involved a lot of experimentation!


Our final piece had to be in exam conditions and we were allowed 15 hours to complete it. Although this was quite draining, I actually enjoyed it! It was the biggest scale I’d ever worked on, so it was definitely a challenge, but I am still so pleased with the outcome.

I have loved going through my work so much more than I thought, and I’m excited to get going again with some projects of my own!


Lots of love,


Jenny xx 

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