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Working With Always Lovely – Carly & David’s Wedding

I’m so proud to be able to say that I am a design assistant for a super cool company called Always Lovely. It involves pretty much everything I love doing, working with great people AND there’s even a dog in the office! What more can a girl want? I get to be involved in some very exciting projects, but my favourite of last year has to be working with Carly and David to style there wedding.

It was the first wedding that I had been involved with from start to finish, and I loved the whole process from the design, to the making, to the setting up on the day. And what a wedding this was! Carly and David made it all so special and SO fun for everyone.

As they love New York, they thought it was only right to have a NYC themed wedding, and they definitely succeeded in bringing the city that never sleeps to Liverpool.

We adored creating it all. Starting with the wedding stationery, to the bridal paper flower bouquet, which included paper roses, freesias, daisies and a hydrangea. Along with three matching bridesmaid bouquets and twelve paper flower centrepieces. Not forgetting the twelve buttonholes. So that means A LOT of paper flowers (over 400!) made by hand, which of course took A LOT of time. But it was so worth it; we enjoyed every minute and couldn’t be more proud of the result!

We didn’t stop there. We also decorated the sweet cart, made the letterboxes, decked the room with handmade bunting and made a photo booth with personalised props for their guests to enjoy all evening.

Working from an amazing brief with an amazing couple was such an honour and we absolutely LOVED being part of their special day.

Here you can see a lil’ snippet of the making process. If only we could actually make paper flowers that quickly!


Lots of love,

Jenny xx 


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