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Autumn Walks

Is it autumn or winter now? I’m not sure, but I am loving this weather. A blue sky with a crisp chill in the air is my idea of a beautiful day. So I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and going on a walk to make the most of it!      Lots of love, Jenny xx 

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Ink & White Paint- Nana & Pops

My nana is probably my number one fan when it comes to my artwork. She’s got a piece hanging on her wall from my GCSE years, and I look at it now thinking I can so do so much better. As I LOVE this photo of my Nana and Pops (Nana is rocking that hat, and Pops is looking super stylish), I decided to paint this photo for them, using my favourite medium- Quink Ink and white acrylic paint. Take a look at this lil video I made of the process…. Music: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is  ...

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The Cake & Bake Show – Manchester

Back in September I saw a poster for The Cake and Bake show, and my immediate thought was my mum would LOVE that, and I totally would too. I mean, what’s not to love? A whole Saturday surrounded by cake… I was sold. So I booked the tickets and we waited excitedly for the day to come. I am an absolute super fan of the Great British Bake Off; I probably get way too excited about it for an 18 year old, but it’s just the best. So when I discovered that some of the contestants were going to be  ...

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