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Making Terrariums

Okay so, if you love Pinterest and Instagram surely you will be well in with the cactus and succulent craze! I defo am, and have wanted to make my own terrarium for SO long but only just got round to actually doing it!

Last weekend I went to Dobbies with my friend Emma (because what else would two 18 year olds do at the weekend?!) and I bought myself some cacti and succulent babies and I was oh so happy! I don’t know why, but I find buying plants really satisfying, and I think because the weather has been so lovely (touch wood) I just felt like doing something nice and summery in my garden. If you are like me and haven’t done much planting/gardening,  this is the easiest thing to start with as they are so low maintenance!

Here is how I did it, if any of you want to give this super easy DIY a go…

The first thing you need to do is gather together some succulents and/or cacti, I took so long picking which ones I liked best and which ones all looked nice together.

You will also need a pot/ vase/ container, you can use anything you like! I liked the idea of using a glass one so I could see the layers, however it didn’t all go to plan because the three I bought were way to small! Luckily, I found an empty vase and white plant pot in one of our cupboards. But definitely consider size when choosing your plants!

Then all you need are some small stones to put at the bottom or your pot for drainage, and some compost. It is recommended you use some soil specific for cacti and succulents, however I just used some multi purpose compost that we already had because I was way to excited to make them! I will just see how it goes… they are still alive and looking lovely anyway!

You can then get some more decorative stones to put on top and add anything else you like to jazz up your terrarium. Some people add little ornaments or shells to theirs.

Now you have all your bits and pieces together, it is time to make your terrarium!

*WARNING: Your cactus friends will spike you*
  • Start by filling the bottom of your pot with the smaller stones.


  • Spoon a decent amount of soil on top.

  • Decide on an arrangement for your plants.


  • Squeeze the pot of your succulent/cactus and remove any excess soil, so the roots can grow in the new soil.


  • Dig a hole (down to the stones) in your pot and plant your succulent/cactus and add more soil if needed.


  • Once all you plants are nicely tucked in, give them a little water and then add your decorative stones and anything else you have.


And that is it!

I LOVED making these, even if I did get pricked multiple times and was a tad nervous about killing them. But it all worked out well in the end and I am super happy with the result!


I have also made a little video so you can see the process for yourself and see just how quick and easy it is!

If any of you make some of your own or already have some I’d love to see!

Happy terrarium making!

Lots of love,

Jenny xx 



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