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Where have I been?!

Happy bank holiday to you all! As if it is May! I swear it was February last week!

So today’s post is a bit of a random one, but I just felt like having a chat. (Probably more of a ramble, let’s be honest).

I feel like I’ve lost my blogging game a little. I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks now. Admittedly, I was stressing about it, but have since convinced myself that it is ok. This blog is for me to record what I am up to, something to focus on whilst I have some time but primarily a project of my own that I am in complete control of. This is a little space of the internet that can allow me to be as creative or as rambley as I wish, and that is what I love about it.

I have been a bit confused about where I want this blog to go. I feel like I love so many different things that I can’t give it a label, which is the exact reason why I didn’t want to go to Uni. I am not ready to choose one path and stick to it. So I am just going to post what I am loving/doing at the time, and at this stage of my life I am trying to do as much as I possibly can. All this confusion has put me off blogging and has giving me a mental block of what to post. But I feel much better now that I have decided I am not putting this blog into a category. It is just a Jenny blog. It may be DIYs or it may be photography or baking or a place I have visited or just something completely random that I want to talk about. Basically, I have been overthinking it. (Story of my life).

I felt like in order to get out of this blogging  lull I have been in, I needed to address it and let it out before I can get on with it again.

April has been a super crazy month. I have been working more, which is fab. I have been really REALLY loving photography and feel I have improved so much this month. I have had some amazing opportunities with Yeti, which you will be seeing very soon *eep*! Also, my friends have been home from Uni for easter, and I have been trying to make the most of that. I didn’t realise how much I have missed them and it was so lovely seeing them all again.

April has been full of laughs and amazing opportunities. Consequently, my blog has taken a bit of a back seat, but from now that is going to change. I am determined to up my game and make something out of it that I am super proud of and love looking back on.

Rant over.

As it is the beginning of a new month, I have a new monthly video. If you don’t know me or are new to my blog, I have been filming a few seconds everyday and then collate the clips each month. It is mainly for me to look back on, and I love doing it so much. I always upload them to YouTube, but thought I’d share my April one on here today, as this has defo been my favourite month so far!

If you want to see my other videos head over to my YoutTube channel >>  

Lots of love,

Jenny xx


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